Securing Our Digital Encantos

Class Materials

Teach your students about digital rights with these K-12 friendly materials

Affirmative Consent

Learn about affirmative consent in this video on how and when to give an affirmative, enthusiastic, YAS! online

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Data Storytelling

Imagine a day in your device to understand more about your digital body and the traces you leave online


Finding Data Trails

Use your detective skills to identify what personal information is being shared in these digital interactions

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My Digital Rights

Connect the dots across case studies and examples for how you can flex your digital rights


Data Privacy ABC's

Read the illustrated children's book on data protection and youth data agency in Fall 2022

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Enchantedland Game

Play the interactive game and journey through the immersive exhibit to co-create healthy digital ecosystems

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Edtech Evidence Exchange

The nonprofit supporting teachers with the tools to effectively implement edtech in the clasroom. Explore the policy brief to learn more about industry standards.

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Add to our digital movements

Learn themes about our relationship with technology and its impact on communities through music.

The collaborative Digital Movements Spotify playlist is a resource to reflect on technology's effect on us and a platform to crowdsource songs as we collaboratively create more just digital learning ecosystems.

Digital Movements Playlist